Obligatory Legal Disclaimer

This blog is a hub for other links. I sometimes mention music which is free to download on another site (usually SoundCloud). It is NOT my responsibility to judge if someone else legally uploaded said song(s), but I usually try to post links uploaded by the original musicians/composers.

I do not directly host any music files due to bandwidth/space limitations, not to mention the possible legal ramifications.

I do not use torrent services or similar storage sites. If you find my blog’s name mentioned in a downloading context or connected to download/upload sites, then someone is spoofing me and you should go after said person(s), not me.

If you are the copyright owner of something mentioned on this blog, please direct your complaints/comments/legal action to the actual content uploaders, not me. I do not endorse or personally know any of the uploaders/account holders who posted songs that I chose to write about on this blog.