Tidbit (Not Exclusively) for Novelists: On Being an Enthusiastic Fool [Or, Some Shameless Pats on the Back…Because Maybe No One Else in Your Life Does That Where Your Writing is Concerned]

To the outside world, writers have long been seen as harebrained, aloof, and probably a bit naïve. I’d rush to say that these are lies, stereotypes, or unfair judgments, but it recently occurred to me that I am, in fact, all of the above on some level – and I’m okay with that. Writing comprises [...]

Tidbit (Not Exclusively) for Novelists: Writing Momentum Isn’t Always Brash and Dazzling

It’s so hideously easy to feel like you’re treading water. I used to think that the distinction in my case was related to a lack of handwritten draft. I do have many pages of early scenes scribbled out, of course, but less than 10% of them proved salvageable years later. Some of my ideas came [...]

Meditation for Novelists: On Being In the Moment

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RssActT4foA The English language is baffling, even to native speakers like yours truly. One phrase in particular has harassed me lately, so here’s the score. Happily or unhappily, most of us have heard the phrase “being mindful.” Sometimes, it’s used in close proximity to “being in the moment.” But I take severe issue with this [...]

Meditation for Novelists (And Some Light Philosophizing): What’s Your Book Really About?

As much as I loathe admitting that books are personal, there’s one distinction that none of us can totally escape: the true motives behind a book. I don’t care what genre, subject, or length your book is. If it’s worth any effort at all and even remotely coherent, it probably has underlying points to make. [...]