Meditation for Novelists (And Some Light Philosophizing): What’s Your Book Really About?

As much as I loathe admitting that books are personal, there’s one distinction that none of us can totally escape: the true motives behind a book. I don’t care what genre, subject, or length your book is. If it’s worth any effort at all and even remotely coherent, it probably has underlying points to make. [...]

Tidbit: A Strange Routine is Still a Routine

They point, stare, joke, and occasionally show real concern, those non-writers of ours. They don’t understand why one color is more important than another, or why this food is more advisable than that one. They ask why we do things how we do them. They ask why we take the long way around instead of [...]

10 Things to Never, EVER Tell a Writer (A Friendly but Frank Reminder to Non-Writers)

Writers and non-writers have a diverse possible range of interactions with each other. Some people happily page through new draft material as it is generated. Others can be baffled or even angered by the supremely introverted nature of writing and a process which many non-writers regard as selfish and unnecessarily private (also known as "a [...]