Friday Album: Cryo Chamber Dark Ambient Mix {Free Album Download}

Cryo Chamber is an independent microlabel specializing in ambient and dark ambient artists, especially instrumental ones. Dark ambient music is typically bleak (and is basically goth culture’s meditative cousin or half-sibling), and yet – as I’ve mentioned before – it can be restorative for overall focus and concentration. (I don’t know about the rest of the writing world, but no matter how many foolproof habits and routines I piece together, I always need another backup plan)

Dark ambient music is often devoid of beats and shrill tones, so despite a heavy influence from various electronic sources, it can actually feel more organic than some live instruments. It’s rarely in a hurry to go anywhere and mainly cares about the journey and the saga therein. It is typically melodic, but in a wistful context. It’s often quiet (despite the frequent use of layering, sampling, and excerpting) and has a methodical tempo.

All of these factors add up to a cocktail with potentially infinite refills…especially if your writing leans in a melancholic or pensive direction.

Cryo Chamber periodically has free album-length mixes available, including this one. If you want something different, try this one.