Marcin Przybyłowicz – “Elaine Ettariel” {Free Song Download}

Speaking purely as an armchair gamer, the Witcher franchise is a gritty, gruesome, raunchy bloodbath. It’s also gorgeously vast and meticulously detailed, both in terms of the graphics (which nabbed dozens of design awards) and the storytelling (which is more surprising than the average movie and easily as absorbing as Game of Thrones). 

But I digress, as usual. Onward to the music. Witcher soundtracks have plenty of vocals, but not many soothing choir moments. This track is a rare exception and a fine, fine example of modern choral composing. For writing purposes, it’s a bit of a weird one, because although it has a supremely bittersweet tone, it’s not actually a downer. Give it a try.