Extended Ambient/Atmospheric/Soundtrack Mix

This is...a bit different, but winter sometimes invites a little bravery where music is concerned. https://soundcloud.com/aurorax/the-mirthless-symphony


On Hiatus…

Due to time constraints and health problems, I need to take a breath for awhile. Feel free to sift through previous posts at your leisure (this is not a self-hosted site and it will not expire or disappear).

Friday Album: James Newton Howard – “The Hunger Games” OST

The Hunger Games is...sort of the weird kid, whether in book or movie form. It should naturally follow that the tone, direction, and scheme of its soundtrack are a bit uncommon. Vibey dulcimers and glimpses of ferocious, tribal percussion square off against unapologetically keening (yet perfectly civilized) strings, warm but bitter violin solos, and the [...]

Paul Leonard-Morgan – “Snatcher”

Paul Leonard-Morgan’s scope is a bit unpredictable. Though this particular style of music is middle-of-the-road likeable, I tend to avoid it since it can also easily wander into unhelpful territory. Nevertheless, the piano riffs in this track are too good to pass up. https://soundcloud.com/mihau/02-paul-leonard-morgan

Tidbit (Not Exclusively) for Novelists: On Being an Enthusiastic Fool [Or, Some Shameless Pats on the Back…Because Maybe No One Else in Your Life Does That Where Your Writing is Concerned]

To the outside world, writers have long been seen as harebrained, aloof, and probably a bit naïve. I’d rush to say that these are lies, stereotypes, or unfair judgments, but it recently occurred to me that I am, in fact, all of the above on some level – and I’m okay with that. Writing comprises [...]

Mary Gunderson – “Beckon the Moon” {Free Download}

Mary Gunderson’s watery approach already appeared once before on this blog ("Behind the Red Door"). While some might call it verging on New Age, I fail to see why a) this actually matters and b) where the rationale comes from. In my opinion, this kind of track has too much momentum, drive, and intent for [...]

Friday Album, A Bit Late: Gustavo Santaolalla – “The Last of Us” OGST

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGsuMgeVlVg To be strictly reductionist, The Last of Us is a staple zombie apocalypse game (complete with the requisite gunplay, gore, and tight-corners fighting), but its superbly tense plot and cavernous characterization caused a stir. Linear storytelling in games has almost become risky in recent years, not so much because writing has gone downhill but [...]

Friday Album: Halindir/Vaniardur – “The Nine Realms” {Free Download}

This one-man project out of Denmark consists of free downloads of melodic ambient and neo-pagan works. If you need a fix of folk synth (for reasons I don't understand, I've seen a few people classify it as "folk metal"), try this on for size. These songs can be downloaded on both SoundCloud and Bandcamp (check [...]